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 Reiki Fusion 

This is an RMT treatment and is covered by your massage therapy benefits.

This treatment combines a Registered Massage Therapy treatment with Level 1 (hands on) Reiki.

Your therapist will use a light, slow, therapeutic touch on specific areas of the body to assess for warmth or tissue irritability.  These areas present a pattern of restriction that your therapist will use to tailor your treatment and effectively treat your unique body.  

As your therapist releases these restriction patterns and allows the body to just ‘be’, we invite our nervous system to switch into a parasympathetic response or “rest and digest” state.  It is in this state that natural healing can take place.

60  Minutes - $115

90 Minutes - $150

Treatments offered by Sophie



Traditional Reiki Therapy appointment is NOT covered by your RMT health benefits.

In this Reiki therapy session the client remains fully clothed and the practitioner places their hands on or slightly over the body in a light, therapeutic touch to help guide the flow of healthy energy throughout the body to promote the body’s self-healing abilities. 


By allowing the body’s energy channels to open, we invite the body and nervous systems to sink into a state of relaxation and safety. It is in this state where healing can naturally take place. Our bodies know what healing needs to be done and by creating space for this to occur, we are left feeling lighter, energized and balanced.

30  Minutes - $65

45 Minutes - $85

60 Minutes - $95

Treatments offered by Sophie

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