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Indie Head Massage

An Indie Head Massage will sooth the nervous system, promote relaxation and improve tissue health, circulation and ease muscle pain.


The First half of the Indie Head Massage is done without oil to invigorate and release the muscles and connective tissue in the chest, neck, face and scalp.

The Second half of this amazing treatment introduces warmed coconut oil onto the scalp and once again to the face, neck and chest.

Can be beneficial in the treatment of:

- migraines and tension headaches

- TMJ pain

- sinus headaches and congestion

- anxiety

- insomnia

massage therapy, indie head massage


45 Minutes - $100

This treatment will focus primarily on the chest, neck, face and scalp, addressing any patient concerns just as any of our other therapeutic treatments would.

75 Minute - $135

In this extended treatment your therapist will address the same areas as in the shorter session, with the addition of another area of concern.

Most commonly treated additional areas include back and arms  - as they may directly impact the health and balance of the chest, neck and head.

Treatments offered by

Eileen and Sophie

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